Fun with CAD

Computer Aided Design or CAD has provided everyone from professionals to hobbyist an opportunity to create almost anything their imagination can come up with in a virtual world. Then they can manipulate and change any part of it until it's exactly what they envisioned.

My go to CAD program has been Google SketchUp now known as Trimble SketchUp. Since it's release back in 2001 it has grown in prominence and scope. The Pro version enables professional level functionality like material stresses, environmental impacts and more.

As part of the SketchUp ecosystem user can utilize the 3D Warehouse, a repository of user uploaded models and textures. The 3D warehouse has grown to hundreds of thousands of models from models of sewing needles to a detail recreation of planet Mars. Below, I show off some of my most popular models in my warehouse or view all my models at the 3D warehouse HERE.
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