Video Production

"It's not really that I'm interested in filmmaking. I'm interested in the instrument of it."


I have to admit this is a very new field of work for me but so far I’m loving making videos of various things I enjoy and distributing them to YouTube.

My primary series of videos focuses around the Monoprice Maker Select V2 3D printer. I originally reviewed the printing after first getting it but have since moved into creating 3D models, modifying the printer, and troubleshooting.

Aside from my 3D printing series I also like to review other consumer electronics and provide  instructional WordPress videos.


Recent YouTube Uploads

3D Printing with the Maker Select V2 - Ep7 | Marbles and Spools

In episode 7 of 3D Printing with the Monoprice Maker Select V2 it’s time to dive into how smoothly the filament gets from the spool to our print. Using a really simple test to see how much force it takes for the spool to get going we can compare the stock setup with other designs including one I came up with.

The new design was a coming together of several features I found in other designs on Thingiverse. In the end will the new design perform better than the stock spool holder? The short is yes, very much yes!

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